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/timexpdf) wish i could just buy one to run under wine ;) i'm on a laptop right now 11.04 we are all guilty of Windows XP anyone know how to stop the 'last message indicator' from displaying in unity? jmcantrell: try unity --reset hey there everyone hi there timothy artemis: yeah, i just did that, but it's still there Hi, i tried to boot up ubuntu using a custom menu.lst (xubuntu) after trying to install ubuntu, but it says "Missing operating system". My menu.lst is: anyone used to kvm and mii-diag? i'm trying to figure out what i'm doing wrong... joel135: my menu.lst is jmcantrell: look at the volume control joel135: I got it to boot now. it should be hidden artemis: is it a bug in unity or not being able to turn it off? jmcantrell: you have been muted I just upgraded to 11.10 and now I can't move windows they won't go across the task bar any advice? timothy: have you tried to log out and login? or reboot artemis: well, that's not good jmcantrell: no, it's very good jmcantrell: but you have to wait jmcantrell: the last message indicator is just an gnome app, not a unity app, it should work in unity ok, thanks artemis: I've rebooted multiple times




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Tamiltypingpracticebookfreedownload tysflab

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